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On, you will find plenty of information about the German health system.

On, you will find plenty of information about the German health system.
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Medical Information for Refugees

How can I get access to a doctor? Where do I get my medicine? Who should I call in case of an emergency? On you will find basic information on the German health system provided in English. Presently, the following articles are available:

In case of acute diseases, refugees are entitled to medical care in Germany.Medical Care for Asylum-Seekers

Which medical services and medicines are paid for refugees.

Prescription-only medicines require a medical prescription. Over-the-counter drugs can be obtained in pharmacies without a prescription.How to Get Medicines in Germany?

Health care is closely regulated by law. Some of the legal provisions are different from those applied in other countries.

If you need medical help in an emergency, the emergency numbers are available around the clock.Overview of Important Phone Numbers

In Germany, we have a large network of assistance in case of a medical emergency.

Although common colds and the flu tend to be similar, the flu is more severe.Is It a Cold or the Flu? How to tell the Difference

The difference is important to ensure a targeted treatment.

Informationen in englischer Sprache

Welchen Arzt kann ich in Anspruch nehmen? Wo bekomme ich Medikamente? Wo kann ich im Notfall anrufen. Auf finden Sie grundlegende Informationen über das Deutsche Gesundheitssystem in englischer Sprache. Folgende Beiträgen stehen zurzeit zur Verfügung:

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